Sunday, December 16, 2012

Question Bank chapter sound for class 09

Two marks questions 
1. Explain how echoes are used by bats to judge the distance of an obstacle?

2. State the special properties of ultrasound that make it useful to us .In general, how these properties are utilized.

3. Why is soft furnishing avoided in concert halls?

4. Draw a diagram depicting low pitched sound and high pitched sound and write main difference between the two?

5. Distinguish between longitudinal and transverse waves. Give one example each.

6. An explosion takes place at the moon. After what time would it be heard at the earth?

Three marks questions

7. Two sources A and B vibrate with the same amplitude. They produce sounds of frequencies 1 kHz and 30 kHz respectively. Which of the two waves will have greater power?

8. Find the time period of the source of a sound wave whose frequency is 400Hz.

9. A sound wave travels at a speed of 340m/s. If its wavelength is 2 cm, what is the frequency of the wave? Will it be in the audible range?

10. The grandparents and parents of a two year girl are playing with her in a room. A sound source produces a 28—kHz sound. Who in the room is most likely to hear the sound?

Five marks questions

11. Sound cannot travel in vacuum. Describe an experiment to demonstrate this.

12. With the help of a diagram describe how compression and rarefaction pulses are produced in air near a source of sound.

13. Explain briefly how a flaw in a mental component can be detected using ultrasound?

14. Explain the working and application of SONAR.

15. A monkey drops a coconut from the top of a tree. He hears the sound of the coconut hitting the ground 2.057 seconds after dropping it .If the monkey was 19.meters above the ground, what is the speed of sound in air?(take g = 9.8m/s2).

For solution visit:  Jsunil Tutorial : Chapter -Sound

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