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CBSE 8th class maths with solutions

01.  Define a Polygon .
02. How many  sides  are  there in Quadrilateral ?
03. How many sides  are there  in Octagon ?
04. What is a regular  Polygon ?
05.  What is a Diagonal?
06. What is the sum measures  of angles  of the  Convex  Quadrilateral ?
07.  How many sides  does  Heptagon  has ?
08.  Say True / False:  The polygon  with minimum  number  of sides  is three .
09.  Tell  the formula  to  find sum of all interior  angles of a polygon.
10.  What  are  the Maximum  number  of   right  angles in  the right  angled  triangle?
11.  What is the sum of interior angles of a Parallelogram ?
12.   What  is a Parallelogram ?
13.  What  is Rhombus ?
14.  What  is Rectangle ?
15.  Name the closed  figure  with 4 sides  .
16.  What is the number of sides  in hexagon  ?
17.   How many Diagonals does  a  regular  hexagon  have?
18.   What  is the Sum of interior angles  of a Pentagon ?
19.   What is the  sum  of the measures of the external   angles of any  polygon ?
20.   Name the Quadrilaterals whose diagonals bisect each other  ?
1.      A   Simple closed  curve  made  up of  only  line segments  is called a  polygon .
2.      Four
3.      8
4.      A Regular polygon has equal  sides and  equal angles .
5.      A diagonal is a line segment connecting non- consecutive vertices  of a polygon
6.      360o
7.      7
8.      True
9.      (n – 2 ) x 180o
10.   One
11.   360o
12.   A parallelogram is a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are equal .
13.   A parallelogram  whose all sides are equal is called rhombus.
14.    A parallelogram each of whose angles measure 90o is called Rectangle .
15.   Quadrilateral
16.   Six
17.   Nine
18.   540o
19.   360o
20. Parallelogram , Rhombus , Square , Rectangle

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