Thursday, November 29, 2012

VII: Earthquake: Some Natural Phenomenon

Q. Fill in the blanks
(a) The intensity of an earthquake is measure on the -------------   ------------------
Ans: Richter scale
(b)------------- is a huge wave due to an earthquake occurring under the sea floor.
Ans: Tsunami
(c) earthquake are cause because of the motion of the ------- plates in the outer crust of the earth.
Ans: Tectonic
(d) Shock wave of earthquake are called --------------
Ans Seismic wave
(e) An earthquake of magnitude 2-4 on Richter scale is a  ---------------  one
Ans: weaker
(f) An earthquake of magnitude 8 or more on Richter scale is a  ---------------  one
Ans: stronger
(g)The instrument used to measure earthquake wave is called --------------.
Ans: seismograph
(i)The intensity of tremors is highest near the -------------
Ans: fault zone or epicenter
(j) The intensity of tremors ----------- with distance from the epicenter.
Ans: Spread
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