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CBSE _8th Some Natural Phenomenon-Lightening and Earthquack


1. How many types of charges exist?

a. One b. Three c. Two d. Four

2. Who invented the lightning conductor?
a. Alexander Fleming b. Graham Bell
c. Benjamin Franklin d. Thomas Alva Edison

3. What device is used to protect building from lightning?
a. Crescograph       b. Anemometer     c. Lightning Conductor       d. Barometer

4. What scale is used to measure the magnitude of earthquake?
a. Richter b. Celsius c. Fahrenheit d. Kilogram

5. The magnitude of earthquakes that occurred at Bhuj andKashmir were
a. less than 4            b. less than 2                    c. less than 6       d. Higher than 7

6. Name two natural phenomena which cause us heavy damage.

7. Why were the people of ancient times afraid of lightning?

8. What is lightning due to?

9. What was the discovery made by Ancient Greeks?

10. List two daily life examples where charges are produced.

11. What are charged objects?

12. How can you charge the following objects?        a. glass rod                    b. Ebonite rod

13. How can we get the following charges?                a. Positive charge         b. Negative charge

14. What is the principle of an electroscope?

15. Distinguish static electricity from electric current.

16. Like charges _________ and unlike charges____________each other.

17. What is an earthquake?

18. The weak zones where earthquakes occur are called__________ zones.

19. A lightning conductor provides a ______ ______ for the transfer of charges to the ground.

20. The magnitudes of earthquakes lesser than ___________on Richter scale does not cause severe damage.

21. What are the various causes for earth quakes?

22. Write any three harmful effects of an earthquake.

23. Name the three layers of the earth.

24. Suggest any 3 measures to protect ourselves from lightning.

25. Rearrange the steps in the formation of lightning in the form of a flow chart.
Air become charged, accumulation of charges, movements of air currents and water droplets, streaks of light and sound are produced.

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