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CBSE Class IX Sample Papers of Social Science 2012

CBSE Class IX Sample Papers of Social Science 2012
1. What did the red cap worn by Sans Culottees in France symbolize?  1
(a) Brotherhood     (b)     Danger           (c) Anger      (d)     Liberty
2. Which one of the following group was not benefitted by the French Revolution?  1
(a) Peasants     (b)     Workers   (c) Nobility    (d)     Agricultural laborers
3. The neighbouring countries that share their boundaries with India are :                 1
(a) Pakistan and Afghanistan    (b) Myanmar and Bangladesh
(c) China and Nepal                   (d) All the above
4. Which one of the following rivers is a peninsular tributary of the Ganga ?         1
(a) Ghagar (b) Son (c) Gomti (d) Gandak
5. How many permanent members are there in the Security Council ?       1
(a) 5 (b) 7 (c) 10 (d) 15
6. Which one of the following UN Secretary Generals, said that the “US war on Iraq   was not legal” ?  1
(a) Kofi Annan (b) B. Buturash Ghali  (c) U Thant (d) Ban Ki Moon
7. How many members did the Constituent Assembly of India have ?                 1
(a) 199 (b) 299 (c) 399 (d) 279
8. High yields with combinations of HYV (High Yielding Varieties) seeds, irrigation, chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. refers to :           1
 (a) Modern cropping (b) Mixed cropping (c) Multiple cropping (d) Mega cropping
9. On which of the following does the quality of population not depend ?   1
(a) Literacy Rate  (b) Income  (c) Health status  (d) Skill Formation
10. Which one of the following is not an activity of primary sector ?    1
(a) Transport (b) Mining (c) Forestry (d) Animal Husbandry
11. Explain the three fold plan of Hitler to consolidate the Nazi Power, after becoming the Chancellor of Germany. 3
OR,      Describe the main events of the October Revolution in Russia.                      3
12. „Nazis used chilling words as an art of propaganda‟ Justify.                                3
or,  What was the contribution of Karl Marx in bringing about the Russian Revolution of 1917 ?  3
13. How does the long coastline benefit India ?                                                         3
14. Describe any three divisions of the Himalayas on the basis of regions from West to  East.   3x1=3
15. Explain the types of tectonic plate movements responsible for the formation of relief features. 3
16. How do rivers affect the economy of a country ?  Explain.    3
17. Assess the policies adopted by Salvador Allende after his election as President of Chile in 1970 ?   3
18. Why is a democratic government a better government ?  Explain                       3
19. What are constitutional amendments ?  Mention its significance in a democratic country like India. 3
20. Explain any three factors which have enabled the farmers to increase the productivity of their land. 3
21. What is the difference between economic activities and non-economic activities?   3
22. What role does education play towards growth of society?                3
23. “Social disparity was one of the major causes of French Revolution.”  Justify by giving five examples. 5
24. What was the Jacobin Club ? Describe their activities. 1+4=5
25. Explain any five objectives of the Russian Revolutionaries. 5
or, Explain any five factors responsible for the meteoric rise of Hitler. 5x1=5
26. Describe any five characteristics of the Great Himalayas.                  5x1=5
27. “Democracy is the most popular form of government emerging in the modern times; still the shortcomings cannot be ruled out”. Justify the statement by assessing any  five short comings of democracy.     5
28. “India‟s Constitution was drawn up under very difficult circumstances.” Elaborate this statement with the help of any five circumstances during which it was made. 5x1=5
29. What is the aim of production ?  Explain the four factors of production of goods and  services.1+4=5
30. What is meant by economic activities? Describe the three types of economic activities  and give one example of each. 2+3=5
31. Two features (A) and (B) are marked on the given political outline map of India. Identify these features with the help of the following information and write their  correct names on the lines marked in the map :
(A) A mountain range (B)     A  river                       4
AND   Locate and label the following on the same political outline map of India :
(i)     The Western most meridian of India. (ii)    Kanchenjunga Peak
CBSE BOARD Class IX : Sample Question Papers for Term I (September 2012) By J.Sunil  Click for more paper in pdf.

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