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Cell-structure and function for class viii (CBSE Pathshala)

Cell-structure and function for class viii : Fill In the blanks : Formatve Assessments
Q.1.Cell wall is made up of a complex polysaccharide carbohydrate called -------------
 Ans: cellulose
Q.2.The cytoplasm consists of --------------- and the -------------------
Ans: the matrix, organelles
Q.3. ------------ synthesize fats, steroids and cholesterol with the help of enzymes secreted by the cell
Ans: Endoplasmic Reticulum
Q.4. ------------------- forms lysosomes and paroxysms
Ans: Golgi apparatus  
Q.5. ------------------ present in white blood cells are capable of digesting bacteria and viruses
Ans: Lysosomes
Q.6.These organelles are found in the liver and kidney cells to remove toxic substances -----------
Ans: Peroxisomes
Q.7. ---------- organal contain RNA (ribonucleic acid) and proteins.
Ans: Ribosome
Q.8.The plastids responsible for green color of leaves is -------------
Ans: Chloroplasts
Q.9.The plastids responsible for different color of fruits and flower is -------------
Ans: Cromoplast
Q.10. The color less plastids found in roots, seeds and underground stems are ----------
Ans: Leucoplasts
Q.11. ---------- controls the transfer of a hereditary characteristic from parents to offspring.
Ans: Gene
12. ----------- cells having nuclear material without nuclear membrane.
Ans: prokaryotic
Q.13.The cells, like onion cells and cheek cells are example of ------------cells
Ans: eukaryotic cells
Q.14.The porous membrane that allows the movement of materials between the cytoplasm and the inside of the nucleus is ------------
Ans: nuclear membrane
Q.15. The porous membrane that allows the movement of materials both inward and outward from the cells is ------------
Ans: cell wall
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