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CBSE Guess Question Term-1, (2012-13) Social Science X (2012-13)

Guess Question Term-1, (2012-13) Social Science  X  (2012-13)
Chapter -Resources and development: Development: Power Sharing
I.              Questions carrying 2 and 3 marks.
1.          Define resources? How resources are important for economic development?
2.          Briefly discuss the resources on the basis of status of development.
3.          Differentiate between stock and reserve.
4.          What is Exclusive Economic Zone? Name some community owned resources. Who takes care of National resources?
5.          Discuss the major problems in developing resources.
6.          What agendas were decided by UNCED in Agenda 21?
7.          Why resource planning is necessary for any country?
8.          “Resources can contribute to development only when they are accompanied by appropriate technological development and institutional changes.” Discuss with example.
9.          “There is enough for everybody’s need and not for any body’s greed.” Explain the statement in reference to conservation of resources.
10.       Mention the distribution of relief features and their uses.
11.       Study the fig.1.4 of your book carefully and answer the following questions:
Mark the advantages in the land use pattern.
Mark the disadvantages in the land use pattern.
What is waste land? How could it be put into use?
12.       Discuss the different measures to conserve land.
13.       What are the features of Black soil?
14.       Explain the natural causes of soil erosion.
15.       How average income hides the actual development of the nation?
16.       Define the terms:
Infant mortality rate. Literacy rate. Life expectancy at birth.
17.       How the criterion taken by UNDP is different from World Bank? Which is the   most appropriate one?
18.       Why should we adopt sustainable development? Explain with the help of example.
19.       Why Sri Lanka had to face a civil war?
20.       How community government serves power sharing?
II.           Ques. Carrying 5 marks.
21. Explain the resources according to their classification.
22. Discuss the natural causes of soil erosion and give a measure for each to conserve soil.
23. Discuss the power sharing of Belgium.
24. Compare the power sharing of Sri Lanka and Belgium.  
25. Discuss the horizontal and vertical power sharing in modern democracy.

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