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CBSE_NCERT_VI Science:Living things : Habitat and adaptation

  CBSE CLASS FROM 6th TO 10+2  Science and Mathematics
Solved questions to excel in examination: Chapter Adaptation
12. Q. Distinguish between herbivores and carnivores?

Ans: Herbivores feed on plants where as carnivores feed on flesh of other animals.

13. Q. State any two flight adaptation in aerial animals?

Ans: 1.Hhaving streamline body shape that protect from wind

2. Having hollow bones called pneumatic bones

14.Q. How does temperature affect plants and animals?

(i) Leaves and stem of plants wither

(ii) Skin change into dark colour

(iii) Affect size of animals

15.Q. What is the role of light on plants?
(i) Help in photosynthesis

(ii) Help in fruit and flower developments

(iii) Help in growth of plants

16. Q.What types of adaptation seen in desert habitat?

Ans: (i) store water in body                                 (ii) Use less water to survive

(iii) Keep away from hot place                            (iv) live in deep borrow

17.Q. How biotic and abiotic components depend on each other?

Ans: Plants depends on sunlight and air for food. Animal depends on air and water for to live. Decompose dead part of living organism and convert into organic matter that develop soil fertility. Plants also maintain purity of atmosphere.

18. Q. What is the difference between a predator and a prey?

Ans: A predator is an animal that eats other animal, whereas a prey is an animal that is eaten by a predator. 

19. Q.How is a cactus adapted to survive in a desert?

Ans: cactus has a waxy surface to store water. It also has thorns to reduce loss of water. It also have thick, fleshy stem.

20. Q. What is acclimisation?

Ans: Small changes that take place in body of single organism over short period to overcome the small  problems  due to change in surrounding is called acclimisation.

21. Q. Give reasons:  Why are deep sea worms blind?

Ans: As we move deep into seas and oceans the amount of light or the visibility decreases. Deep sea worms  are blind because of the lack of requirement. Some worms have large eyes but those are not for the purpose  of seeing . These worms have developed strong sense of smell to encounter these problems.

22. Q. Give reasons:   Why are some marine creatures living in the deep sea give out light of thereof own?

Ans: Since there is lack of light in deep seas, some organisms can give out light to assist them in finding their way in the dark.This also helps them in finding prey to feed on and can also be used to find a mating partner.

23. Q. Give reasons: Why the upper surface of the leaves of lotus have a thick cuticle ?

Ans: Lotus is an aquatic plant. The leaves of the lotus plant have a thick waxy cuticle that helps in repelling water  and keeps the stomata open so that water transport occurs effectively in plant.

24. Q. why do cockroaches hide as soon as the light is switched on?

Ans: Cockroaches cannot tolerate the high intensity light as they  have some light receptors in their eyes.

25. Q. Give two examples of non-living things which show any two characteristics of living things.

Ans: Non-living things such as clouds grow in size and also move from one place to another. Another non-living thing that shows two of the characteristics of living things is a car which needs fuel (food) to function and also moves from one place

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