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CBSE_NCERT_VI Assignments: Science: CH-6 Measurement and Motion

VI assignments: Science: CH-6 Measurement and Motion

Note- Question no. 1 to 17carried 2 marks, question No. 18 to 20 carry 3 marks.

1. Give two examples of measurement that are important in our day to day life.
2. Why do stars appears to be at rest, though they are moving very fast?

3. Is the hour hand of a clock at rest or in motion when the clock is on the wall and showing time ?

4. What kind of watch is used to measure time in a sport event and why?

5. Why does the shape of the ointment tube change when we squeeze it ?

6. A train covers a distance of 120 kms from Faridabad to Agra. Convert this distance into meters.

7. Write a note on the pendulum of Big Ben House of parliament, London.
8. A 30 cm scale has a broken end. The mark at the broken end is 1.6 cm.

a) Which mark of this scale will you use for measuring the length of an object.

b) How much will you subtract from the scale reading at the length of an object to get the correct length.

9. If we blow air from our mouth on a burning agarbatti, the smoke rises up from it, Why ?

10. A man riding a scooter travels a distance of 50m .Convert it into cms and kms.

11. What are Physical quantities?

12.What is the importance of measurement of time in our life?

13. What are digital clocks.?

14. Define rest and motion with the help of example.

15. Write a note on “STOP CLOCK”.

16.Write the S.I. units for three basic physical quantities- length, time & mass.

17.Define “Force”?.Give two examples.

18. Classify the following motions into different types—

a). Cyclist on a straight, plane road b). Plucked string of a sitar
c) Tip of hand of a clock d). A tone falling from a rooftop

d). Motion of a swing e). A player playing football

19.Define the following (a) Rectilinear Motion (b)Oscillatory Motion(c) Rotational Motion

20.While measuring the length of a knitting needle, the reading of the scale at one end is 3.0 cm and the other end is 33.1 cm. What is the length of the needle? 

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