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Microorganisms: Friend and Foe : MCQ for VIII: Biology

  1. The yeast multiply by a process called
(a)    Binary fission
(b)   Budding
(c)    Spore formation
(d)   None of the above

  1. The example of protozoan is
(a)    Penicillium
(b)   Blue green algae
(c)    Amoeba
(d)   Bacillus

  1. The most common carrier of communicable diseases is
(a)    Ant
(b)   Housefly
(c)    Dragonfly
(d)   Spider

  1. The following is an antibiotics
(a)    Alcohol
(b)   Yeast
(c)    Sodium bicarbonate
(d)   Streptomycin

  1. Yeast produces alcohol and carbon dioxide by a process called
(a)    Evaporation
(b)   Respiration
(c)    Fermentation
(d)   Digestion

  1. The algae commonly used as fertilizers are called
(a)    Staphylococcus
(b)   Diatoms
(c)    Blue green algae
(d)   None of the above
  1. Cholera is caused by
(a)    Bacteria
(b)   Virus
(c)    Protozoa
(d)   Fungi

  1. Plant disease citrus canker is caused by
(a)    Virus
(b)   Fungi
(c)    Bacteria
(d)   None of these

  1. The bread dough rises because of
(a)    Kneading
(b)   Heat
(c)    Grinding
(d)   Growth of yeast cells

  1.  Carrier of dengue virus is
(a)    House fly
(b)   Dragon fly
(c)    Female Aedes Mosquito
(d)   Butterfly

  1.  Yeast is used in the production of
(a)    Sugar
(b)   Alcohol
(c)    Hydrochloric acid
(d)   Oxygen

  1.  The vaccine for smallpox was discovered by
(a)    Robert Koch
(b)   Alexander Fleming
(c)    Sir Ronald Ross
(d)   Edward Jenner

  1. Chickenpox is caused by
(a)    Virus
(b)   Fungi
(c)    Protozoa
(d)   Bacteria
  1. The bacterium which promote the formation of curd
(a)    Rhizobium
(b)    Spirogyra
(c)    Breadmould
(d)   Lactobacillus

  1. Plasmodium is a human parasite which causes
(a)    dysentery
(b)   Sleeping sickness
(c)    Malaria
(d)   All of the above

  1. The bacterium Bacillus Anthracis was discovered by
(a)    Edward Jenner
(b)   Alexander Fleming
(c)    Louis Pasteur
(d)   Robert Koch

  1. Carrier of malaria causing protozoan is
(a)    Butterfly
(b)   Housefly
(c)    Female Anopheles Mosquito
(d)   Cockroach

  1. The process of conversion of sugar into alcohol is called
(a)    Infection
(b)   Moulding
(c)    Nitrogen fixation
(d)   Fermentation

  1. Foot and mouth disease of cattle is caused by
(a)    Fungi
(b)   Virus
(c)    Algae
(d)   None of these

  1. Which of the following is not a fungi
(a)    Paramecium
(b)   Bread mould
(c)    Penicillium
(d)   Aspergillus  
1) b 2) c 3) b 4) d 5) c  6) c 7) a 8) c 9) d 10) c 11) b
12) d  13) a 14) d 15) c 16) d 17) c 18) d 19) b 20) a
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