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Class 6 Getting To Know Plants mcq and NCERT Solution

VI Science: Getting to know Plants MCQ

1) The plants which have branches at the base are -----

a) Herbs    b) Shrubs     c) Creepers     d) Trees

2) Which plant is the example of a herb?

a) Mango     b) China rose     c) Wheat     d) None

3) A plant with weak stem is ----

 a) Mint     b) Sunflower     c) Lemon     d) China rose

4)   The plant which takes the support of the neighboring structures and climbs up is

  a) Tree     b) Shrub     c) Creeper     d) Climber

5) The part of plant which grows above the ground is ----?

a) Shoot system     b) Root system     c) both a & b     d) None

6) The part of the stem in between two successive nodes is ----?

a) Pistil      b) Root     c) Node     d) Internodes

7) The root, stem leaves constitute the --- part of the plant body?

a) Vegetative     b) Reproductive     c) Both a & b     d) None

8) Flowers, Fruits & Seeds constitute the ---- part of the plant body?

a) Vegetative     b) Reproductive     c )Both a & b     d)None

9) The part of the plant which prevents soil erosion is?

a) Stem     b) Flower     c) Root     d) Leaves

10) Banana has -------   roots.

a) Tap      b) Lateral    c) Fibrous    d) None

11) Which of the following has tap root?

a) Wheat     b) Mango     c)Tulsi     d) Both a & b

12) Shoot system develops from ----- of the baby plant or embryo?

a) Cotyledons     b) Roots     c) Callus      d) plumule

13) Example of an incomplete flower is ----?

a)Pea     b)China rose     c) Date palm     d)Mustard

14) When a flower has all the sets of whorls it is described as ------ flower.

a) Complete    b) Incomplete     c) Zygomorphic     d) Actinomorphic

15) ------- bud helps in length wise growth of the plant.

a) Apical                 b) Axillary      c) Both a & b           d) None

16) Branches grow from - - - - - - - - -

a) Roots        b) Apical Buds             c) Axillary Buds      d) Stem

17) The ----------------- is the strongest part in a tree.

a) Stem         b) Root                  c) Trunk        d) None

18) Which of the following is a stem?

a) Turnip       b) Onion       c) Radish       d) Carrot

19) The region of attachment of the leaf with the stem is called the ----------------

a) Petiole       b) Lamina        c) Leaf margin                 d) Leaf Base

20) --------------- is a flowering plant with no leaves

a) Cuscuta     b) Coleus      c) Pistia                  d) Pea

21) Stomata help in -----------------

a) Respiration          b) Photo Synthesis    c) Transpiration        d) All of the above

22) A plant with verigated leaves is --------------------

a) Pea             b) Balsam    c) Coleus       d) Cuscuta

23) The food prepared by leaves is stored as -------------------

a) Starch       b) Sugars      c) Proteins     d) Fats

24) The other name for ovary is--------.

a)Stamen         b) Pistil       c) Carpel          d)Stigma

25) Pollen grains are produced in ------?

a)Flower       b) Ovaries      c) Anthers       d) Fruits.


(1) b                       (2)c                        (3)a                        (4)d                        (5)d 
(6) a                       (7)b                        (8)c                        (9)c                        (10)d 
(11)d                     (12)c                      (13)a                      (14)a                      (15)a 
(16)c                      (17)c                      (18)b                     (19)d                     (20)a 
(21)d                     (22)c                      (23)a                      (24)c                      (25)c

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