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Separating the Components of a Mixture
Importance of separation--> To study and to use the individual components of a mixture
Q. What would happen if you were to take a saturated solution at a certain temperature and cool it slowly. 
Ans. Different substances in a given solvent have different solubilities at the same temperature. So on cooling substances start to precipitate out.
Q. What is suspension?Write its properties?
Ans: Suspension:Non-homogeneous systems, in which solids are dispersed in liquids, are called Suspensions so It is a heterogeneous mixture.
Properties of a Suspension---
• Suspension is a heterogeneous mixture.
• The particles of a suspension can be seen by the naked eye.
• The particles of a suspension scatter a beam of light passing through it and make its path visible.
• The solute particles settle down when a suspension is left undisturbed, that is, a suspension is unstable.
* They can be separated from the mixture by the process of filtration.
Q. How can we separate colour component of from ink(mixture.)?
Ans: By evaporation method: Water (Solvent) has got evaporated and residue color left over.
Conclusion: we can separate the volatile component (solvent) from its non-volatile solute by the method of evaporation.
Q. How can we separate cream(fat)  from milk ?
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How to separate,
 i) Sulphur from a mixture of sulphur and sand. 
ii) Black CuO from a mixture of CuO and ZnO. 
iii) mixture of NH4Cl and I2
iv)the constituents of gunpowder
v) a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen

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CBSE chapter-wise MCQ Multiple Choice Questions, Test Paper, Sample paper based on CCE pattern for class 9 science Is Matter around Us Pure. Elements, compounds and mixtures. Heterogeneous and homogenous mixtures, colloids and suspensions.

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