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CBSE_NCERT_ 6th Chapter _Living things and surrounding: Objective formative questions(MCQ's)

Fill in the blanks : Chapter:Habitat
(i)In the sea plants and animal surrounded by -------------------------(saline water)

(ii) The place where living beings live is called their -------------(Habitat)

(iii) In Cactus plant, ---------------are reduced to spines (Leaves)

(iv) Global warming increases the concentration of ------in the atmosphere(carbon dioxide)

(v) ------------are examples for Decomposers (Bacteria and fungus)

(vi) Living component of a habitat is called as -------------- (Biotic)

(vii) Anything which produce and response in an organism is called as -----------(Stimulus)

(viii) A potted plant is kept in a card board box with a small slit of sun light exhibits ----- Movement 

(ix) If we blow through lime water it turns milky. This proves that exhaled air contains ------ (carbon 

(x)-------- are plants that grow in dry desert area (Xerophytes)

(xi)--------- are plants that grow in moist area (Mesophytes)

(xii) )--------- are plants that grow in soil rich in salt (helophytes)

(xiii) ---- help in pollination and seed dispersal (wind)

(xiv)--------- are plants that best grow in full sunlight (heliophytes)

(xv) --------- are plants that best grow in low sunlight (sciophytes)

(xvi) Roots are ---------------phototropic (negatively)

(xvii) Earthworms breathe through their ---------------( moist skin)

(xviii) ------are those animals which can live on land and also in water (Amphibians)

(xix) ------ is an example of a non moveable animal .( coral)

(xx) -------are those animals which lay eggs example- crow, lizard (Oviparous)

(xxi) -------are those animals which do not lay eggs & give birth to young ones for example- lion, dog. 

(xxii) ---------- habitat comes under aquatic habitat (Marine)

(xxiii) _________are certain changes in the surroundings that cause an organism to respond to them. Stimuli)

(xxiv) -------------- help aquatic animal to float in water { Aerenchyma (air spaces in their bodies)}

(xxv) Some fungi grow in soils of burnt areas called -----------------. (Pyrophilous)

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