Monday, July 23, 2012

CBSE_NCERT_6th Science: MCQ: Living Organism and their Surroundings

1.  The place where living beings live is called their Habitat

2.     In Cactus plant, Leaves are reduced to spines
3.     Singhara is an example of _______________
4.     Global warming increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
5.     Science of study of living things is called Biology
6.     Bacteria and fungus are examples for Decomposers
7.     A microscopic plant which can move in water is Chlamydomonas
8.     Plant waste given out in the form of thick fluid is called as Latex
9.     Growth in living things is permanent & irreversible
10. The process of producing energy by the break down of food is called Respiration
11. Minute pores present in the leaves which help in exchange of gases are called Stomata
12. The basic structural and functional unit of living organisms are called as Cells
13. Hydrilla is an example for Submerged Hydrophyte
14. Living component of a habitat is called as Biotic
15. Heterotrophs are organisms which cannot prepare their food.
16. Anything which produce and response in an organism is called as Stimulus
17. An example for unicellular organism is Yeast
18. Life cycle of a living organism begins with Birth
19. Wind dispersed seeds have wings & hair
20. Adaptation found in palm and coconut trees is Leaves become needle shape
21. Buffaloes are often found near ponds because they cool themselves in the pond
22. A potted plant is kept in a card board box with a small slit of sun light exhibits Phototraphic movement
23. If we blow through lime water it turns milky.  This proves that exhaled air contains carbon dioxide
24. We move our hand immediately, if we touch the hot object. In this which is stimulus hand 
25. Dolphins and whales breathe through Blowholes

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