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CBSE 9th Biology - Ch:06-Tissues Solved Questions

Q1. Which tissue protects the entire body?

Answer: Epithelial tissue

Q2.Give one example each of: 

1. Squamous epithelium (simple) - cheek cells
2. Columnar epithelium - intestine

Q3.Give one example of connective tissue in which matrix is solid?

Answer : Bone 

Q4. Name the following: 

1. Multinucleate muscle fibre: - skeletal muscle fibre
2. Spindle shaped muscle fibre: - smooth muscle fibre
3. Tissue which stores fats: - adipose
4. Process of neuron, which carries impulse: -axon

Q5.Name one structure in your body, which bears ciliated epithelium.

Answer: Respiratory tract

Q6.What is aerenchyma?

Ans: It is a specialized parenchyma found in aquatic plants which consists of network of small cells that enclose air cavities.

Q7.What is the difference between simple plant tissue and simple animal tissue?

1. Consists of same type of Cells.       Consists of one or more types of Cells.

2. Arrangement varies.                         Arranged in a single layer.

Q8.What is the utility of tissues in multicellular organisms?

Answer: 1.Division of labour 2. Higher organization 3. Higher survival

Q9.What is a synapse

Answer: Junction between two neurons.

Q10.Where is apical meristem found?

Answer: Root and stem tips

Q11. Identify the type of tissue in the following?

 1. Skin - epithelial 
 2. Bark - cork 
 3. Bone - connective
4. Lining of kidney tubules - epithelial 
 5. Vascular bundle - xylem and phloem

Q12. What is the role of epidermis?

Answer: a. Protection 
 b. Regulates transpiration 
 c. Exchange of gases

Q13.What will happen if apical meristem is damaged?

Ans:Growth in length will stop.

Q14.What are the components of phloem?

1. Phloem parenchyma 2. Phloem fibres 3. Sieve tubes 4. Companion cells

Q15.Name all simple plant tissues?

Ans:1. Parenchyma 2. Collenchyma 3. Sclerenchyma

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