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6th science Chapter- Components of foods Solved Questions

Q. What is Nutrients?
Ans: The chemical present in food is called nutrients .

Q. What are major components of foods?
Ans: The major components nutrients are: carbohydrates,Fats,Vitamins,Proteins,Minerals,Roughage and Water

Q. What are major nutrients of foods?
Ans: carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins , Proteins and Minerals

Q. Name the components of food other than nutrients that are needed by our body.
Ans: Components of food other than nutrients that are needed by our body are dietary fibers and water

Q. What are fats? What are its types?
Ans: Fats are energy giving nutrients comes from plants and animals.
Fats comes from animal are called animal fats like milk cheese, butter etc.
Fats comes from plants are called vegetable fats like fruit , coconut, soya beans etc

Q. How fats are use full to us?
Ans: Fats give us energy. Fats also protect skin from injury, heat and cold. fats also absorb vitamins from fats soluble vitamins.

Q. why we do not eat excess fats?
Ans: If we eat excess fats they store under skin and cause high blood pressure and overweight. So avoid eating fried foods.

Q. What is obesity?
Ans: Obesity is a condition caused due to overeating of fats.

Q. How you test presence of fats in food?
Ans: We take paratha and wrap in a tissue paper. We will notice there is oil patches on paper.It make paper translucent. Patches on the paper shows presence of fats in food.

Q. What are major elements presents in food?
Ans: Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are major elements presents in food

Q. why carbohydrates are called energy giving foods?
An: carbohydrates change into sugar in human body that burn with oxygen in cells of our body ang give us energy. So carbohydrates are called energy giving Rice wheat maize.

Q. Why patients and Sport man are given Glucose solution?
Ans: Glucose gives our body energy instantly.

Q. How can you test presence of starch in food?
Ans: We take mashed food in test tube. If we adds some drops of iodine solution in test tube, colour of solution change into blue black .This shows the presence of starch in food

Q. How can you test presence of sugar in food?
Ans: We take fruit juice in test tube. If we adds some drops of Benedict’s solution in test tube, colour of solution change into red .This shows the presence of sugar in food

Q. Why proteins are called body building foods?
Ans : Proteins help us to builds new cells and repair worn out cells. They are made up of carbon , hydrogen , oxygen and nitrogen.

Q. What are two types of proteins?
Ans: Proteins obtain from plants are called vegetable protein like fruits, pea nuts and many beans.Soya bean is richest source of proteins. Proteins obtain from animals are called animal proteins like fish ,egg, meat ,milk

Q. How can you test presence of protein in food?
Ans: We take a small quantity of food item in a test tube. Add 10 drops of water into it and shake the test tube. Now add two drops of copper sulphate solution and ten drops of caustic soda solution to the test tube. Shake the test tube and let it stand for a few minutes. The appearance of violet colour indicates the presence of proteins in the food item.

Q. why growing children needs food rich in proteins?
Ans Protein helps in formation and development of new Cells of body so growing children needs food rich in proteins.

Q. What are vitamins?
Ans: Vitamins are disease protective nutrients like Vitamins A,B,C,D,K and E. The main sources of vitamins are green leafy vegetables and fruits. There two types of vitamins: Water soluble:- Vitamin C and group of vitamin B Fat soluble:- Vitamin A , Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K

Q. Why do deficiency diseases occur?
Ans: Deficiency diseases occur due to lack of nutrients in our body e.g. PCM, PEM, Beriberi scurvy, Goiter etc.

Q. Why we need to eat essential vitamins in food?

Ans: Vitamins fight against diseases and keep various organ of our body healthy so , we need to eat essential vitamins in food.

Q.Deficiency of which nutrients make a person thin and weak and causes stunted growth?
Ans: Carbohydrates and Proteins

Q. what are the functions of different vitamins. Make list?
Ans: Vitamin A -----------------à keeps skin and eyes healthy.
       Vitamin C ----------------à helps body to fight against many diseases.
       Vitamin D -----------------à helps our body to use calcium for bones and teeth
       Vitamin E -------------------à Help muscles to work and give Protection to liver
       Vitamin K -------------------à Help blood to clotting.

Q. Which vitamin can be prepared by our body in the presence of sunlight? 

Ans: Vitamin D

Q. Why food should not be overcooked?
Ans: Food should not be overcooked to prevent the loss of nutrients from it

Q. What are minerals?
Ans: Minerals are nutrients that help to keep the body healthy. Like calcium, copper, zinc, potassium, iodine. The main source of minerals are green leafy vegetable, egg, meat, fish,salts etc.

Q. Which mineral help in building of bones and teeth 

 Ans: Calcium

Q. Which mineral help in making blood? 

 Ans: Iodine

Q. Which mineral help in maintaining fluid balance in body 

 Ans: Sodium and potassium
Q. Why elderly women and children need more calcium? 

 Ans: To make bones stronger

Q. A child is having a swollen neck and is mentally disabled. What disease is he suffering from?
Ans: The child is suffering from goiter.

Q. Which disease is caused due to deficiency of iron? 

 Ans: Anemia

Q. Name the vitamin which gets destroyed on heating. 

Ans: Vitamin C.

Q. Why should we eat a balanced diet? 
Ans: Our body needs all the nutrients in right amount hence we should eat a balanced diet

Q. Why do we need water in our food? 

Ans: We need water in our food because:
1. It helps in absorption of the nutrients in the body.
2. It helps in removal of the wastes from the body.

Q. Which food provide water to our body?
Ans: We get water from tea, coffee, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Q. Name the main nutrient present in the following :(a)Egg white (b)Papaya(c) Ghee

Ans: (a) Proteins(b) Vitamin A (c) Fats

Q. What role does dietary fibres play in our body?
Ans: Dietary fibres help in the removal of undigested food from the body.

Q. What are the symptoms of rickets?
Ans: Soft and bent bones.

Ans: (a) Anaemia (b) Loss of vision (c ) Beriberi (D) Scurvy.

Q: Name the disease caused by lack of proteins?
Ans: Kwashiorkor in child. In Kwashiorkor child became thin and weak and having swollen abdomen

Q: Name the disease caused by lack of proteins and carbohydrates?

Ans: Marasmus in which ribs became prominants and skin became dry and wrinkled 

Q. Name three aquatic plants eaten by us as food
Ans: Indian Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) , Water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) ,Rice (Oryza)
Q. why is milk considered as complete food?
Ans: Milk is considered to be a complete food because it contains all the essential nutrients such as sugars, proteins, vitamins and minerals. One glass of whole milk contains about 150 calories of energy.

Q. List three common plants having medicinal use?
Ans: Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Garlic, Peppermint

Q. Does honey bee eat honey as a food?
Ans: No, Honey bee eats nectar and pollen grains.

Q. Why should we do not wash vegetable after cutting them?
Ans: we do not wash vegetable after cutting to preserve the water soluble vitamins
Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals which get washed away if vegetables are washed after cutting them. Hence vegetables should not be washed after cutting.

Q.How can you prepare ORS with sugar and salts?
Ans: Take one teaspoon of salt, eight teaspoons of sugar, one litre of clean drinking or boiled water after cooling. Stir the mixture till the salt and sugar dissolve.

Q. Why should we do not drink cold drink like coca cola, pepsi?
Ans: Soft drinks do not have any nutritional value.). They have higher sugar content, higher acidity, and more additives such as preservatives and colorings. So avoided drink like coca cola, pepsi.

Q. Make list of diet chat of pregerant women
Ans: Greenve getables, Fulses, Soyabean, Milk,banana

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