Saturday, January 14, 2012

Multiple-choice question for practical-skills in science and technology – class X

Additional examplary multiple-choice question for
Q1. In an experiment to determine the focal length of a concave less, a student
obtained the image of a distant window on the screen. To determine the focal length
of the less, She should measure the distance between the
(1) lens and the screen only.
(2) lens and the window only.
(3) screen and the window only.
(4) screen and the lens and also between the screen and the window.
Q.2: On the basis of their experiment ‘to trace the path of a ray of light passing
through a rectangular glass slab’ four students arrived at the following interpretations:
(1) Angle of incidence is greater than the angle of emergence.
(2) Angle of emergence is less than the angle of refraction.
(3) Emergent ray is parallel to the incident ray.
(4) Emergent ray is parallel to the refracted ray.
The correct interpretation is that of the student
(1) I (2) II (3) III (4) IV
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