Sunday, August 28, 2011


1. Do you think Caeser’s death can be attributed to his failure to reads the omens properly or do the omens merely presage the inevitable?

2. How does Caesar continue to wield power over events even after his death?

3. The play ‘Julius Caesar’ focusses on the struggle between powerful individuals. What role do the plebians play in this struggle?

4. Who is the protagonist of the play- Caesar, who dies well before the end but whose power and name continue on or Brutus, the noble man, who falls because of his flaws?

5. Is rigidity and inflexibility of character an admirable trait or a flaw? Discuss Caeser and Brutus in light of the above statement.

6. The spoken word carries more weight. Discuss with reference to speeches of Brutus and Antony

7.What was Calpurnia’s plea? How did Caesar take it?

8. Was Caesar adamant in not responding to his wife’s plea?

9.Caesar wanted to go forth, come what may. Which aspect of his personality you find here?

10. What was Calpurnia afraid of? How did she express her fear in convincing Caesar?

11. Caesar was unable to overrule Calpurnia’s argument. How did Calpurnia manage that?

12. What did Caesar ask Decius Brutus to convey to senators? Why was he in dilemma?

13. Decius Brutus must have been crest fallen as he heard Caesar was not going along with him. How did he save the situation in his favour?

14. Was Caesar searching for an excuse to go for crowning? How did Decius Brutus help him?

15. What made Caesar chide his wife?

16. What role did Metellus Cimber play in arousing Caesar’s anger?

17. How did Caesar respond to Cassius plea to forgive Publius Cimber?

18. The plea to forgive Publius Cimber was merely an excuse for the conspirators to perform an evil task. Elaborate.

19. “Et tu Brute”. This statement throws light on the characters of Caesar and Brutus both. How?

20. How did Antony glorify Caesar soon after his murder?

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