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ctet social Science for Paper-II (Practice Paper 03)

Social Science for Paper-II
Teacher Eligibility Test  Teacher Eligibility Test  
(Practice Paper 03) 
21. “Workers have nothing to lose but their chains” was said by:
 (a)   Hitler
 (b)   Napoleon
 (c)   Karl Marx
 (d)   Stalin
22. The fall of the Czar, Nicholas II (USSR) is known as the:
 (a)   Industrial
 (b)   February revolution
 (c)   Red revolution
 (d)   Social revolution
23. Burma was captured by
 (a)   America
 (b)   Britain
 (c)   Russia
 (d)   Portugal
24. The Council of Ministers at the centre is responsible to:
 (a)   The President
 (b)   The chief Minister
 (c)   The Supreme Court
 (d)   The Lok Sabha
25. The fundamental duties have been included in the Constitution under the:
 (a)   Article 351
 (b)   Article 72
 (c)   Article 51A
 (d)   Article 65
26. Right to equality in our Constitution has abolished the practice of:
 (a)   Child Labour
 (b)   Untouchability
 (c)   Gender discrimination
 (d)   All of these
27. Bronze was made by mixing:
 (a)   Copper and Manganese
 (b)   Copper and zinc
 (c)   Copper and lead
 (d)   Iron and Tin

28. The earliest language of the Aryans was:
 (a)   Sanskrit
 (b)   Urdu
 (c)   Tamil
 (d)   Afghani
29. Feudalism centered round:
 (a)   Art
 (b)   Business
 (c)   Land
 (d)   Surgery
30.  A new language developed in India during the Medieval age:
 (a)   Urdu
 (b)   English
 (c)   Dutch
 (c)   Spanish

21. (c)    
22. (b)    
23. (b)    
24. (d)    
25. (c)    
26. (b)    
27. (b)    
28. (a)    
29. (c)    
30. (a)

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