Thursday, April 28, 2011

Motion questions

Q. 1. When the passenger m oving in a bus , the road side trees appear to b e moving ---------------------------------- (a) Back ward (b)For ward
 Q. 2. In uniform motion the object covers ------------ (a) equel distance (b) un equal distance
 Q. 3. Where objects cover un equal distances in equal interval of time then the motion is called ---------------- (a) uniform motion (b) non uniform motion
 Q. 4. The average speed = =A car accelerate = (a) Total time taken /total distance traveled (b) Total distance traveled/total time taken
 Q. 5. v = (a) t/s (b) s/t Q.
6. An object travels 16m in 4sec and another 16 m in 2 sec. what is the average speed of the object----------- (a) 5.33 ms-1 (b) 5. 34 ms-1
 Q. 7. If we specify , its direction of motion along with its speed , the quantity that specifies with the aspects is called------------- (a) velocity (b) motion
 Q. 8. Automobiles are fitted with a device that show the distance traveled . such a device is known ---------- (a) odometer (b) Speedo meter
 Q. 9. The velocity of an object can be -------------- (a) non uniform or variable (b) uniform or variable
 Q. 10. Average velocity = (a) initial velocity + final velocity/ 2 (b) initial velocity + final velocity/1 Q. 11. Average velocity = (a) placement/ total time taken (b) Displacement/ total time taken
Q. 12. Acceleration = (a) change in velocity/ time taken (b) change in motion / time

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