Saturday, April 30, 2011

ctet 2011 sample paper (Characteristics of learning )

Characteristics of learning 
􀂄 All children are naturally motivated to learn and are capable of learning 􀂄 Understanding and developing the capacity for abstract thinking, reflection and work are the most important aspects of learning 􀂄 Children learn in a variety of ways - through experience, making and doing things, experimentation, reading, discussion, asking, listening, thinking , reflecting, and expressing oneself in speech or writing both individually and with others. They require opportunities of all these kinds in the course of their development 􀂄 Teaching something before the child is cognitively ready takes away real learning. Children may ‘remember’ many facts but they may not understand them or be able to relate them to the world around them 􀂄 Learning takes place both within the school and outside school. Learning is enriched if these two arenas interact with each other. Art and work provide opportunities for holistic learning that is rich in tacit and aesthetic components. Such experiences are essential to be learnt through direct experience and integrated with life 􀂄 Learning must be paced so that it allows learners to engage with concepts and deepen the understanding rather than remembering only to forget after examinations. At the same time learning must provide variety and challenge, and be interesting and engaging Boredom is a sign that the task may have become mechanically repetitive for the child and of little cognitive value 􀂄 Learning can take place with or without mediation. In the case of the latter, the social context and interactions, especially with those who are capable, provide avenues for learners to work at cognitive levels above their own

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dhar said...

Learning is a process and perhapse can not be restricted to any or many situations like school or home or outside or inside but to make on learn a systematic exposure to many situations with expert comments can make a person to understand a particular thing then the interretation by the learner will make desired learning effective. Your comments on are welcomed.

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