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9th – Biology :Topic: Improvement in food resources:Revision assignment

9 – Biology : Topic: Improvement in food resources
A. Very short answer questions:
Q1. Define the following terms:
a) photoperiod   b) green manure   c) organic farming  d) concentrates e) roughage
Q2. Mention one advantage and one disadvantage of green revolution.
Q3. What nutrients do we get from: cereals and pulses?
Q4. How many nutrients are required in lesser quantities and what are they commonly called?
Q5. Why even excess application of manure does not cause pollution?
Q6. Give one disadvantage of fertilizer.
Q7. Name one crop which can tolerate water logging in field and one which cannot?
Q8. What happens when a matured wheat crop is irrigated?
Q9. A farmer grows gram crop between two cereal crops. What agricultural practice is being followed?
Q10. Give one word:
1) A toxic substance effective against insects.
2) A fungal disease of wheat crop      3) A common weed 
4) A weedicide     5) One natural insecticide
Q11. Name one HYV of cow and one of buffalo.
Q12. Name two exotic varieties of cow.
Q13. What are the indications for diseased cattle?
Q14. Why special care of broiler is taken?
Q15. During heavy rains in a village, the rain water carried excess of nitrogen into the river. What can be the consequence of this process.?
Q16. Name two indigenous breeds of poultry.
Q17. Define inland fishery.
Q18. How is pisciculture different from apiculture?
Q19. Name two fresh water fishes.
Q20.What two products do we obtain from honey bees?
B. Short answer questions:
Q1. How are HYV of poultry advantageous over local breeds?
Q2. What is pasturage and how is it related to honey production?
Q3. How will you distinguish between capture fishery, inland fishery and aquaculture?
Q4. Name the Italian bee variety used for honey production and mention two reasons for why its preferred over other varieties?
Q5. Define composite fish culture and mention its advantage.
Q6. How are broilers and layers different from each other?
Q7. Mention four main features of a good cattle shelter.
Q8. Pick the odd one out and give reason:
a) Gir ,sahiwal, red sindhi, jersey
b) Aseel, basra, chattisgarh, white leghorn.
Q9. Suppose you are incharge of a grain store. Mention two indications to find out the presence of pests in the godown.
Q10. Give reason:
a) legumes are desirable during crop rotation
b) Excessive irrigation of crops should be avoided.
Q11. Classify the various plant nutrients according to their sources.
Q12. Crop variety improvement is a must. Justify by giving three reasons.
Q13.How is a compost different fron vermicompost?
Q14. Pick the odd one out wiyh reason:
a) mullets, pearl spots, oyster, bhetki
b) sardine, rohu, Bombay duck, tuna
Q15. Name the surface , middle zone and bottom feeders in  composite fish culture.
C. Long answer questions:
Q1. Green revolution is like two faces of a coin . Explain in detail.
Q2. Write a note on prevention of animal diseases.
Q3.Mention the various preventive measures to be taken in account during grain storage.
Q4. Biological control methods should be preferred for protecting crops. Why?
Q5. Compare mixed and intercropping . also mention their advantages.

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