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CTET Model Paper Solved Child development and Pedagogy-4

Child development and Pedagogy (MCQ)
Teacher Eligibility Test
(Practice Paper-4)
31. Sarita hit her younger brother and was placed in time-out by their mother. Sarita's
hitting behaviour subsequently dramatically decreased. Which of the following
theories would best explain the above observation?
(a) Freudian Theory
(b) Piagetian Theory
(c) Operant Conditioning
(d) Systems Theory
32. All of the following are true about phobias, except that
(a) They are generated by an early emotional experience
(b) The sufferer cannot the impulse to avoid them
(c) The sufferer will resort to reckless activities to conceal them
(d) Acrophobia is a fear of open places agoraphobia is a fear of high places
33. The ecological perspective of development emphasizes
(a) A series of sequential stages.
(b) The role of heredity in development.
(c) The role of learning in development
(d) The context in which development occurs.
34. When a pupil’s misbehavior persists even through the teacher punishes the child for
each infraction, the teacher is probably practicing a policy of
(a) Retribution
(b) Corporal punishment
(c) Negative reinforcement
(d) Sarcasm
35. One of the strong points of behaviour theory is its
(a) Belief that cognitive processes are irrelevant for understanding development.
(b) Emphasis on the relationship between environmental stimuli and children's
(c) Emphasis on reducing children's behaviour to fine-grained elements.
(d) Emphasis on the role of information processing as a mediator between
behaviour and environment.
36. Special Education is related to
(a) Adult education programmes
(b) Educational programmes for the disabled
(c) Educational programmes for talented students
(d) Teachers training programmes
37. It is said that the teacher should be resourceful. This means that
(a) He should have enough money and property so that he may not have to take up
(b) He should have contacts in the highest echelons of power so that he may not be
(c) He should have adequate knowledge base so that he may be able to solve the
problems of his students
(d) He should have good reputation among students so that the authorities of the
school may not be able to take any punitive measure against him
38. You have been told to accommodate two mentally retarded children in your class. You
(a) Refuse to accept them as your students
(b) Tell the Principal to accommodate them in another class that is exclusively
meant for mentally retarded children
(c) Learn techniques to teach such students and accept them as a part of your class
(d) None of These
39. Saurabh and Suresh have the same mental age 8-0. We can conclude that
(a) They have the same potential for success in school.
(b) They have the same IQ
(c) Their interests are similar
(d) Their ability to learn may be quite different
40. Children’s attitudes toward persons of different ethnic groups are generally based upon
(a) Their parent’s attitudes (b) The attitudes of their peer
(c) The influence of television (d) Their sibling’ attitudes

31. (c)
32. (d)
33. (d)
34. (c)
35. (b)
36. (b)
37. (c)
38. (c)
39. (d)
40. (a)

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