Sunday, March 13, 2011



Class- X
Subject – Science
                                                                        Max. Marks :- 40       

1.How are different electric appliances connected in a house?(1)

2.What is the resistance of an ideal ammeter?

3.A wire of resistivity rho is stretched to double its length. What will be its new resistance?

4.What is the law of combination of resistances in parallel?

5.What is the other name of electric potential?

6.Give the symbol of fixed resistance and variable resistance.

7.Define the unit of resistance.

8.1 m V is equal to
 (a) 1 volt                              (b) 1000 volt                                   (c) 1/1000 volt                                (d)1/10000 volt

9.The equivalent resistance between A and B is
(a)1 ohm                               (b) 2 ohm                             (c) 1.5 ohm                          (d) 6 ohm

10.Which of the following charge is not possible?
(a) 1.6 x 10 C                                   (b) 0.2 x10 C                                    (c) 0.35 x 10 C                                 (d) 0.1 x1.6 x10 C

11.What happens if the pd across a resistance is doubled?

12.On what factors does resistivity of material depend?

13.Name two special characteristics of heater coil.
14. 10 electrons are removed from a neutral body. The charge acquired by a body is
(a) 1.6 x 10 C                                   (B)1.6 X 10 C                                   (C) -1.6 X10 C                                  (d) 10 C
15.Why resistance is less in parallel combination?(1)

16. State and derive ohm,s law.(2)

17.What is the cause of resistance?(2)

18. Differentiate between resistor and resistance.(2)

19. Calculate the energy consumed in 20 days, if two bulbs of 30 w work for 6 hrs , three fans of 80 w work for 10  hrs daily and one tube of 60 w works for 3 hrs daily.(3)

20. Calculate the equivalent resistance in the given circuit(3)

21. Which is better series combination or parallel combination in electric circuit  and why?(3)

22. What do you mean by the potential difference? Write and define its unit.(3)

23. Calculate the potential difference, if there are 5000 charge carrier are flowing for 10 min through a resistance of 100 ohm. (3)

24.Calculate the ratio of series to parallel combination if there are n number of resistances. (3)

25. What will be the new resistance if a wire of resistance 80 ohm is bent into a circular form?(1)

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